About LAC

The Locate Alliance consortium is a group of facility owners working towards a cost efficient locate process with standardized terms and conditions and consistent quality and outcomes. We believe this simplified process will provide for a healthy facility owner-locate service provider relationship and facilitate the ideals of one call/ one locate.

We accomplish this by creating a consortium approach to purchasing locate services. Traditionally Utilities have either hired a contractor or used their own employees to provide locates independently. This resulted in multiple site visits by different individuals on behalf of each Utility to complete locates at one location. This practice is both cumbersome and costly due to the number of individuals required, and does not necessarily provide the best product or user experience.

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Environmental responsibility is at the core of LAC and plays a principle role in how we conduct business.

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DPT Training

The DPT Certification Program provides instruction on the fundamentals of locating based on specific industries.

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