Damage Prevention

One Call, One Locate

The Locate Alliance Consortium (LAC) belief is that “One Call, One Locate” will reduce damages in Ontario. We see the consortium as a safety organization, focused on best practises, locate performance tracking and damage prevention utility initiatives. Our united efforts have demonstrated industry benefits.

A One Call System will protect lives, prevent damage and save money

The benefits are easy to see. With a province-wide, mandatory one call system in place, contractors, homeowners and others preparing to excavate will need to make only a single call to request locates from all utility owners in the vicinity of the dig area.

This streamlined one call system would make it easier, faster and more efficient for everyone involved. The number of locates would increase and the number of damages to underground infrastructure decrease.

A reduction in utility damages would not only reduce repair costs for both industry and taxpayers, but would also help reduce the risk of injury to workers and the public. In Ontario, currently a voluntary one-call system exits Ontario One Call (ON1Call) currently has 172 industry members. The centre receives excavator locate requests within the Province of Ontario and notifies the members with underground facilities in the vicinity of the dig site. ON1Call’s mission is to reduce damages to underground facilities and promote safe excavation practices through the operation of a state of the art One Call Centre for all facility owners in Ontario.


Common Ground Alliances – Organizations working together to decrease damages

Throughout North America industry is working hard to decrease infrastructure damages, protect workers and the public. “Through shared responsibility among all stakeholders, these organizations work to reduce damages to underground infrastructure – ensuring public safety, environmental protection, and the integrity of services by promoting effective damage prevention practices.”


The Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) is the voice of Canada’s Regional Partner CGAs dedicated to working toward damage prevention solutions that will benefit all Canadians www.canadiancga.com


The Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA) mission is to enhance public safety and utility infrastructure reliability through a unified approach to effective and efficient damage prevention.


United States

The purpose of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) is to prevent damage to underground infrastructure by fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the protection of underground facilities; supporting research; developing and conducting public awareness and education programs; identifying and disseminating the stakeholder best practices; and serving as a clearinghouse for damage data collection, analysis, and dissemination.