About LAC

The Locate Alliance consortium is a group of facility owners working towards a cost efficient locate process with standardized terms and conditions and consistent quality and outcomes. We believe this simplified process will provide for a healthy facility owner-locate service provider relationship and facilitate the ideals of one call/ one locate.

We accomplish this by creating a consortium approach to purchasing locate services. Traditionally Utilities have either hired a contractor or used their own employees to provide locates independently. This resulted in multiple site visits by different individuals on behalf of each Utility to complete locates at one location. This practice is both cumbersome and costly due to the number of individuals required, and does not necessarily provide the best product or user experience.

About LAC

By joining a Consortium Utilities in a geographic area hire the same Locate Service Provider (LSP) to provide locates on behalf of the entire member Utilities. This improves the quality, timelessness and efficiency of the locate. Other benefits include reduced administration and effort for the excavator. Now one call gets all of their locates, one meeting on site is all that’s necessary to go over the job and any changes in scope or questions can be directed to an individual, rather than five or six as in the past.

The LAC is a group of Utilities and Municipalities dedicated to providing the best locate service possible by focusing on:

  • Safety
  • Protecting infrastructure
  • A cost effective locate process

By joining LAC, one Locate Service Provider (LSP) will provide locates on behalf of all Utility and Municipality members in that geographic area, resulting in savings for all members.

LAC Goals

Each Geographic area to have a single service provider that will facilitate the multi-utility
locate concept in a safe and cost-efficient manner. To actively promote the One Call, One Locate strategy within the industry.

How does LAC work?

  • Facility Owner becomes member of Ontario One Call Centre (OOC) – Ontario’s recognized
    One Call Centre for Locates
  • Facility Owner joins the Locate Alliance Consortium
  • Facility Owner signs agreement with Locate Service Provider
  • Excavator calls into OOC to make locate request
  • Locate request dispatched to LAC-approved LSP for that geographic region
  • Locator completes all LAC Member locates
  • Monthly review of LSP performance by LAC Members

LAC Structure

LAC Structure Image


“Powerstream’s participation in the LAC is consistent with our company’s ongoing efforts to reduce costs and the upward pressure on customer distribution rates through streamlining our operations and engaging in synergistic partnerships. The LAC approach to providing locate services is also consistent with our company’s mission to deliver reliable power and related services safely and efficiently to our customers and the communities we serve.”

Kevin Decaire, C.E.T.
Manager, Inspection & Locates
PowerStream Inc.